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About the Unconquered Noles Staff | Content

UnconqueredNoles.com is a website that is dedicated to bringing you insight, news and analysis regarding all things Florida State Seminole related. Our writers will bring passion and integrity along with engaging and relevant information and topics year-round. As our visitors and readers, we would like to encourage you to be as involved and engaged in the discussions and topics as possible. We cover a wide range of FSU athletics, but our most dominant content will consist of Seminole football, basketball, baseball and recruiting.


Adam Tolliver: Co-Founder of UnconqueredNoles.com, Adam is an Atlanta, Ga. native, Fall 2009 graduate of Florida State University and legacy Seminole that has followed FSU athletics for as long as he can remember. Adam is extremely passionate and critical in his analysis of all things Florida State Seminole related and reaches out to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts and analysts on a daily basis. While Adam's opinion may not always be the most popular, he subscribes to the belief that lying on the internet won't make things any better in the real world, so why not tell it straight? The truth isn't always pretty and Adam is as outspoken as they come. He is also the Florida State Columnist for Examiner.com and contributes FSU content for ChuckOliver.net. Adam can be reached at primediscussion@gmail.com and on twitter, where he tweets on a wide range of topics under the name @Primediscussion.

Reginald Eller: Co-Founder of UnconqueredNoles.com, Regie was told he came out of the womb knowing all the backup QBs for each NFL team, though there's a possibility that whoever delivered that message was lying.  However it truly went, he does concur that he entered planet earth with a deep love of sport.  Some call it is a sickness, a sickness many share, he just calls it a passion.  He always excelled in baseball, but when his career was cut short by a knee injury he began to think about sports in a new light.  Reginald became the youngest assistant baseball coach in South Carolina High School history, a position he remained at for five seasons.  Though he excelled at baseball, and truly loves the game, College Football was and is where it has always been for him.

Throughout school, he had (and still has) a collection of Deion Sanders paraphernalia.  Some, again, called it a sickness but Regie did not see anything really wrong with it.  All he had was well over 3,000 baseball and football cards, six different magazine covers (some duplicates), four of the same Wheaties box Deion graced, Deion's Sega Genesis game, Deion's album "Must be the Money", a pair of game used gloves, a Pepsi Cola full size stand up of Primetime, and then there was a Garnet and Gold helmet signed by the man himself. 

There has always been an attraction to the Florida State program, so when he began diving into wanting to be a journalist over six years ago FSU was the target.  He is a member of the Football Writer's Association, and simply loves the game of College Football.  You can follow him at @FSUROCKER for all your FSU information and then some.  As stated, he loves the game of College Football and though his concentration is now, again, on FSU athletics, you will see find his thoughts on an array of different topics.
Welcome to the Unconquered. And oh yeah, let's get this out of the way: Regie is not a booster of any school anywhere.

Chuck Blunt:  Chuck is just an average fan, well maybe not average, He spends hours of everyday scouring the internet for as much information regarding Florida State football as he can possibly consume.  He frequents way too many message boards, he has numerous sites bookmarked with old box scores, he has even joined twitter to get more information faster (@cblunt58).  He's a freak and he'll never deny that,  but let’s face it, all of us here are a little fanatical. Chuck is really intrigued by statistics and enjoys looking at past statistical performances and seeing if he can find trends that will help us understand what possible outcomes we could see in the future.

Joshua Flanagan: Josh is a second generation Seminole fan, from all the way up in Rhode Island. As a kid he rooted for the Noles, simply because his older brother did. Then during the magical National Championship run of 1999, Josh became a full fledged fanatic.Unfortunately, we all know what happened after that, the lost decade. Even through the rough times, he always stuck by his Noles and he could not be any more excited for the future direction of this program and university.

Saturday, Josh can be found sitting in front of his Vizio, adorned in FSU gear from his custom crocs to whichever top helps him best brave the Rhode Island cold during the fall,  all while watching each snap of the game through the visor of his Garnet and Gold helmet.

As your lead recruiting analyst, Josh Flanagan will provide you with the best and most accurate information possible. He does not cut corners and he only report the facts. Also, as a college senior, who is barely old enough to purchase alcohol, Josh is able to build a great rapport, and relate with recruits, unlike many of the older and rather creepy men in the recruiting industry.

Josh has a tireless work ethic and a  passion for the art of recruiting. Both of which will be clearly evident with the information he will provide you with. You can find Josh on twitter at @YeahFlanny

Rob McCannell: A third-generation Seminole alumnus, Rob is a Virgo who enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach, sitting by roaring fires and watching hapless defensive linemen get blown up by pulling guards on trap plays. Since getting his start as a scoreboard clerk at the Tallahassee Democrat in 1993, he has worked for the sports departments of daily newspapers in Memphis and Dallas and has, through the years, eaten press box junk food as a stringer for more than two dozen newspapers and magazines. He now lives in suburban Jacksonville with his wife and two young daughters. He plays fair, practices good sportsmanship and always wears a shirt to the dinner table. You can find Rob on twitter @RobMcCannell.