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Written by Adam Tolliver | 30 October 2011

As the Florida State Seminoles continue to roll, their play continues to round out and become more consistent, particularly on the defensive side of the ball. While the Seminole ground game may have hit a slight bump in the road against NC State on Saturday, the passing game continues to thrive and the offense overall moves the ball with consistency. Saturday marked another day of solid play from FSU's signal caller and of cours more dominance from the daunting front four. Let's take a look at the strongest individual performances from Saturday's game.

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Written by Reginald Eller | 30 October 2011

Week 9 Rankings:


Total Offense: 35th – 432.75 yards per game (+3 spots)

Rushing Offense: 89th – 126.38 yards per game (-3 spots)

Passing Offense: 12th – 306.38 yards per game (+2 spots)

Scoring Offense: 25th – 35.63 yards per game (-1 spot)


Total Defense: 8th – 275.63 yards per game (+4 spots)

Rushing Defense: 4th – 77.0 yards per game (+2 spots)

Passing Defense: 31st – 198.63 yards per game (+8 spots)

Scoring Defense: 12th – 16.88 points per game (+7 spots)


Week 8 Rankings:


Total Offense: 38th – 431.14 yards per game

Rushing Offense: 86th – 126.86 yards per game

Passing Offense: 14th – 304.29 yards per game

Scoring Offense: 24th – 35.86 points per game


Total Defense: 12th – 291.29 yards per game

Rushing Defense: 6th – 82.86 yards per game

Passing Defense: 39th – 208.43 yards per game

Scoring Defense: 19th – 19.29 points per game

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Written by Reginald Eller | 29 October 2011

The Florida State Seminoles (5-3, 3-2 ACC) moved one game closer to bowl eligibility with a dominating effort versus the NC State Wolfpack (4-4, 1-3 ACC) Saturday afternoon – winning 34-0.

Both sides of the ball played with a high level of intensity Saturday.  Following a first possession punt by the Seminoles they would score on their next three drives – Touchdown, Field Goal and Touchdown.

FSU was lead offensively by E.J Manuel who was 25-34 passing for 321 yards – 2 touchdowns and one interception.  Jimbo Fisher’s offense – much like the previous two weeks – came out in the first half throwing the ball.  The Seminoles were not slowed down much at all in the first half by the NC State defense.  Manuel was 17-22 for 212 yards and a touchdown in the first half.

FSU’s first scoring play was a beautifully ran option by E.J Manuel to Devonta Freeman.  Following the touchdown run by Devonta Freeman we did not see much of him for the rest of the game.  Freeman rushed the ball 7 times for 17 yards today. 

Jermaine Thomas got the majority of the carries for FSU today (11 rushes 48 yards) but maybe the most impressive run came from fullback Lonnie Pryor who was met at the line of scrimmage and dragged the Wolfpack into the end zone to make it 17-0 Seminoles.  Jermaine Thomas had an impressive run after the catch, though, as Rodney Smith laid a killer block.

Another great site in the first half was just before the first half was complete Kenny Shaw showed no fear going over the middle to catch E.J Manuel’s second touchdown pass of the half to make it 24-0.

Greg Dent had himself a nice game – leading all receivers with 3 receptions for 70 yards.

The Seminole offense slowed a bit in the second half  but the defense never did.  For the game NC State was held to 166 total yards – 36 rushing, 130 passing.  The Seminoles also forced three turnovers – two interceptions, and one fumble recovery.

Not only did the FSU defense force three turnovers Saturday afternoon – but also forced six three-and-outs, seven punts, and the Wolfpack’s longest drive today was of 47 yards. 

The Seminoles were lead in tackles by Christian Jones (9), Mike Harris (8), and Timmy Jernigan who had 5 tackles – two of which were tackles for loss.

With a healthy E.J Manuel and the running option Jimbo Fisher now has you cannot help but think what might have been.  That is for naught now – but the Seminoles have been very impressive on there three-game winning streak.  They are playing like they have something to win for – and that is to be commended.   FSU has outscored their last three opponents 116-to-32.

The Seminoles will now travel to Chestnut Hill for a Thursday night showdown with the Boston College Eagles as Florida State hopes to ride their three-game winning streak to four.

Final Numbers:


Total yards: 444

Rushing yards: 123

Passing yards: 321

Possession Time: 32:21

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Written by Adam Tolliver | 28 October 2011

Riding the momentum of their first two game winning streak since the beginning of the season, the Florida State Seminoles will defend their home field for the second week in a row against the NC State Wolfpack on Saturday. The Noles have handled both Duke and Maryland in impressive fashion and now face an opponent that many feel may put up a bit more resistence throughout the day. How well Florida State can defend and rattle the cage of Mike Glennon and take care of the ball on offense will be the major determining factors in this game. What the home atmosphere will be like for this game is anyone's guess, as the Seminoles will be playing their first noon game of the season and doing so after having already disappointing the fanbase with three early losses in the year. Coming out flat against an opportunistic team is not an ideal scenario obviously, so that is something to watch for. Let's see what Harry Homer, Pete Pessimist and Randy Realist all have to say about this game.

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Written by Reginald Eller | 27 October 2011


On Thursday, the Division I Board of Directors approved a package of sweeping reforms that gives conferences the option of adding more money to scholarship offers, schools the opportunity to award scholarships for multiple years, imposes tougher academic standards on recruits and changes the summer basketball recruiting model.

It was one of the busiest board meetings in history, and it was all by design.

Just 2 1/2 months after NCAA President Mark Emmert told school leaders that they could not wait to clean up college sports, university presidents passed four landmark measures.

Conferences will now vote on whether to add $2,000 in spending money to scholarship offers. Previously, scholarships covered the costs of tuition, room and board, books and fees. But Emmert came out earlier this week in favor of increasing the allowable money, which the NCAA calls full cost-of-attendance.

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Written by Reginald Eller | 26 October 2011

Bobby Bowden achieved a longevity that no one else - aside from Joe Paterno - will ever see in College Football.  What he did for Florida State is still seen today - and Saturday a streak started by Bowden could be extended.

This Saturday – not only will FSU be attempting to win their third consecutive game of the season but – the Seminoles will be looking to draw a game closer to hitting a milestone unreached by any other football program in the country.  Though the mark is already unreached by any other active program– a win Saturday puts FSU one game shy of bowl eligiblity for their 30th consecutive bowl game.

 It is true that in 2011 becoming “bowl eligible” does not mean what is once did.  Thirty straight years – though – of traveling to a bowl game is more about the pure longevity the Seminoles have been able to maintain – and one many other programs have not been able to reproduce. (*Note: FSU’s total number of bowl appearances have been altered by the NCAA committee on infractions. The 2006 Emerald Bowl versus UCLA was vacated)


A win Saturday will put the Seminoles one game shy of extending the nation’s longest active consecutive bowl appearance – which will make FSU five shy of the all-time record currently held by the Nebraska Cornhuskers (1969-2005).  A win will also give FSU their 470th win all-time in just their 720th game overall.

The current streak FSU is in began back in 1980 – at the Orange Bowl versus Oklahoma.  The Orange Bowl was the Seminoles 9th bowl game ever and little did Bobby Bowden or the FSU fans know that this would be a streak that would continue over 30 seasons.

FSU would lose the first two bowl games of the current streak – both to Oklahoma – before beginning what many consider a more remarkable feat than the 29 straight bowl games the Seminoles have went to.

Starting in 1982 and moving forward– FSU would not lose a bowl game until the 1997 Sugar Bowl versus the Florida Gators.  Let that sink in.  Fourteen straight seasons – aside from the 1984 Citrus Bowl tie versus Georgia 17-17 – FSU would win every bowl game they played in. In that fourteen year stretch – FSU played and defeated West Virginia, North Carolina, Oklahoma State, Indiana, Nebraska four times, Auburn, Penn State, Texas A&M, Florida and Notre Dame.  Of course – the most famous of all those wins came versus Nebraska on January 1st 1994 when FSU would win their first ever national championship.

Again – during the current 29 game streak – the second biggest bowl game FSU has ever played in would be the Seminoles second national championship on Jaunary 4th, 2000 versus the Virginia Tech Hokies.

FSU will look – Saturday – to also take a step closer to finishing their 35th straight season with a winning record which ranks as the seventh-longest all-time.

If FSU manages to go to their 30th consecutive bowl game this season – the end result will not be what many fans had hoped but it has been quite a remarkable streak the Seminoles have been able to string together.

So Where could FSU go bowling?

CBS Sports has FSU projectedto play Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl.

ESPN has the same projection for the Seminoles.

College Football News agrees with ESPN and CBS Sports.


The Current Bowl Streak:

1-1-1980 Oklahoma- 24 FSU- 7 Orange
1-1-1981 Oklahoma- 18 FSU-17 Orange
12-30-1982 FSU- 31 West Virginia-12 Gator
12-30-1983 FSU- 28 UNC- 3 Peach
12-22-1984 FSU- 17 UGA-17 Citrus
12-30-1985 FSU- 34 Oklahoma St- 23 Gator
12-31-1986 FSU- 27 Indiana- 13 All American
01-01-1988 FSU- 31 Nebraska- 17 Fiesta
01-02-1989 FSU- 13 Auburn- 7 Sugar
01-01-1990 FSU- 41 Nebraska- 17 Fiesta
12-28-1990 FSU – 24 Penn State- 17 Blockbuster
01-01-1992 FSU- 10 Texas A&M- 2 Cotton
01-01-1993 FSU- 27 Nebraska- 14 Orange
01-01-1994 FSU- 18 Nebraska- 16 Orange
01-02-1995 FSU- 23 Florida- 17 Sugar
01-01-1996 FSU- 31 Notre Dame- 26 Orange
01-02-1997 Florida- 52 FSU- 20 Sugar
01-01-1998 FSU- 31 Ohio State- 14 Sugar
01-04-1999 Tennessee- 23 FSU- 16 Fiesta
01-04-2000 FSU- 46 Virginia Tech- 29 Sugar
01-03-2001 Oklahoma- 13 FSU- 2 Orange
01-01-2002 FSU- 30 Virginia Tech- 17 Gator
01-01-2003 Georgia- 26 FSU- 13 Sugar
01-01-2004 Miami- 16 FSU- 14 Orange
01-01-2005 FSU- 30 West Virginia- 18 Gator
01-03-2006 Penn State- 26 FSU- 23 Orange
12-27-2006 FSU- 44 UCLA-27 (Vacated) Emerald
12-31-2007 Kentucky- 35 FSU- 28 Music City
12-27-2008 FSU- 42 Wisconsin- 13 Champs
01-01-2010 FSU- 33 West Virginia- 21 Gator
12-31-2010 FSU- 26 South Carolina- 17 Peach
2011 ? ?


Bowl History of other programs: (Current years consecutively in a bowl)

  • Florida State (29)
  • Florida (20)
  • Virginia Tech (18)
  • Georgia (14)
  • Georgia Tech (14)
  • Boston College (12)
  • Oklahoma (12)
  • LSU, Ohio State, Texas Tech (11)
  • Boise State, Southern Mississippi, West Virginia, Wisconsin (9)
  • Navy, Utah (8)
  • Alabama (7)

Brigham Young, Clemson, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, Penn State, South Florida and TCU have been to bowls in six consecutive seasons.

East Carolina, Kentucky and Oklahoma State have been to bowls in five consecutive seasons.

Air Force, Connecticut, Fresno State and Michigan State have been to bowls in four consecutive seasons.

Arizona, Iowa, Miami-Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina,
Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, South Carolina and Troy have been to bowls in three consecutive seasons.

Arkansas, Auburn, Central Florida, Middle Tennessee, Ohio, SMU, Stanford, Tennessee and Texas A&M have been to bowls in two consecutive seasons.

Even with the great amount of bowls seventeen schools – last season – ended their current streak of bowl appearances.  Texas (12 years), Southern Cal (9 years), California (7 years), Houston (5 years), Rutgers (5 years), Central Michigan, Cincinnati, Oregon State (4 years), Minnesota and Ole Miss (2 years).


What games stick out for you in the current bowl-streak the Seminoles are in? Share them below.

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Written by Adam Tolliver | 26 October 2011

One of the major storylines leading up to the 2011 season was the improvement of depth and talent on the interior defensive line for Florida State. What may not have been anticipated is the high level of play that the Seminoles would get out of two of the younger members of their defensive line. RS Freshman Cameron Erving and true freshman Tim Jernigan are establishing themselves as staples on the interior and they're doing so with very talented and effective upperclassmen playing in their segment. It is truly a remarkable and invaluable asset to have on your side when two underclassmen play at or above the level of your starters whenever they are given the opportunity to see the field. Let's furhter discuss the continued development of both these budding superstars and what it means for the future of the Florida State defense.

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Written by Adam Tolliver | 26 October 2011

There's little doubt that after flying under the radar for much of his high school recruitment, Devonta Freeman quickly established himself as a fan favorite among Seminoles during his remarkable senior high school playoff run and came into Florida State as one of the more anticipated athletes in an extremely talented crop of players. From the time Freeman enrolled at Florida State in January, he has impressed coaches and teammates with his maturity, work ethic and ability and it was only a matter of time before all of those things translated to the field of play and were able to pay dividends for the Seminole football team. Unfortunately, the FSU ground game sputtered mightily out of the gate and was understandably the source of much scrutiny. It appears at this point though, that Devonta Freeman is beginning to hit his stride as a ball carrier and gaining confidence as a college player.

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Written by Reginald Eller | 25 October 2011

In a report broken by Noles247 – now former FSU commit – James Hamilton has switched his commitment from Florida State to the University of South Florida.

It was long thought that this could be an option – especially considering that James Hamilton’s cousin – Corian Hamilton – is a linebacker for USF.

Hamilton is a good get for USF.  Hamilton is a big guy (6’5 340 lbs) that is extremely quick and athletic for a guy who should play nose tackle in college.

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Written by Adam Tolliver | 25 October 2011

Florida State fans are beginning to come more familiar with the type of explosive talent that freshman safety Karlos Williams is. At 6'2, 220 lbs, Williams possesses track sprinter's speed and the strength of a bruising running back that has fans, teammates and coaches salivating in anticipation of the types of big plays he could begin to make very soon. Karlos, who is affectionately referred to as 'Los' by many, is the younger brother of starting MLB Vince Williams. The two brothers sport the jersey numbers 9 (Karlos) and 11 (Vince) and both have delivered their share of punishing blows on the season thus far. While Vince is certainly a solid player and the more experienced of the two, Seminole Nation has been given good reason to have high hopes for the younger brother who is more athletically gifted and could one day be a dominant player.

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