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How fast is Marvin Bracy? | Football

The answer? REAL FAST. Seriously, this kid's future will likely be in Track and Field where his talent is flat out off the charts. On Sunday, the FSU commit slated to play WR and KR for the Noles this coming Fall ran the world's fastest indoor 55m time of the season. His 6.08 is absolutely blazing speed. Make no mistakes, he is not a track guy making an attempt at playing football. He is going to do wonders for Florida State in both sports and in my guestimation will be one of the more popular athletes on campus. Here are a few important clips to watch to help grasp his talent in both sports. Note the guy claiming a false start on Bracy for the duration of the race. If you watch closely, you'll see that he clearly took off after the gun sounded. See the clips after the jump.


Next, here's a clip of him displaying some quickness and start/stop ability as he puts on some solid moves to evade several All-Americans

For a full display of his football skill in the form of his senior highlights at Boone High School in Orlando, FL.